Tuesday, February 19, 2008

In deep thought....

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Vivid memories

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The fire within..

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Non Samar - WHAT FUN!!!

If you didn't understand the title, I forgive you.....coz this is another one of my SUD type jokes if you get it!!! I'm talking about Winters actually (Non Summers...get it?? lol). But please forgive me for explaining things so much......can't help it...I feel everyone around me is dumb and I need to make sure you've understood. LOL...another explanation. As someone once said " never explain, your friends don't need it and your enemies will never believe you". What a joke!! I think people are your enemies coz you got off on a wrong start with them and they dont quite understand you. Imagine if you were in a different situation and different place, the same 'enemy would have helped you na.......anyhow.....I have digressed enough from the topic........Par kya karein? Imagination na......can't tie it down only!!!!

I got a message from POLKAs Today. for all of you who don't know what that is, its this every shady joint in Kailash Market which has free drinks for Ladies on Wednesdays and Thrusdays!! These are the times when I feel that it would have been so much better If I were a women. I mean changing your sex for free drinks might seem very surprising.....but hey!!! Free DRINKS!!! But somehow I make peace with myself by cracking an internal joke (only in your brain!!) by saying that at least I don't have to wear a bra!! LOL...Talk about gender equality!!! And I call myself a feminist!!

So coming back to the digressed point.....My very shady friends Disha, Kanika and Isra went to this joint and wrote my name in the register. So come very Tuesday and I get a reminder about the Ladies Day out!!! UGGHH!!!!

And these females get cheap thrills outta it......

Reminds me of the time when I uploaded Mayank's profile on Shaadi.com (we match better!!...lol) and he would get replies from the wierdest girls!!!! WHAT FUN!!!!!

Anyhow...coming back to the main topic....I LOWE WINTERS!!!!! May seem very ironical considering I am Samar (lol....another SUD type joke), but I love it for the fact that it makes you feel so cozy!!!
Even though I hate taking baths, I lowe doing so in winters....again many people may think I'm crazy...coz...duh!!! who takes a bath in winters??........But I try to make up for all those times I haven't taken one in Summers, by taking them in winters!!!! The reason you ask?? LOL...HOT BOILING WATER!!!
Ahhhh....orgasmic I must say........
Then it comes to clothes!!!!! I love layering!!! What fun again....Summers mein toh its completely impossible....winters are fun!!!!!
Landing up in D school everyday , and amidst that fog, warming your hands by folding them around that glass of tea!!! What fun again!!!!!
And then eating ice cream (which is the most fun to eat in winters!!!!!!!!!!)

Finally after a loong and tiring day snugging into your quilts making sure all the sides of the quilt are tucked in nice and proper. one might that the cold is a monster and you're protecting yourself by making sure NO side is open.....then pushing your head inside the blanket....just to find that you are suffocating, five minutes into the blanket....so you make this small hole from where your nose pops out. You cant even imagine all this in winters!!!

And shit!!! How can I forget Mufflers!!!! I love winters so that I can wear my mufflers!!!! And there are socks too!!!!! Trust me....The most satisfaction you get after buying something is when you buy underwear or socks!!! And then you wear floaters in the winters with those Funky Socks!!!! What fun!!!!!

I always think that you can study so much better in winters!!! I don't know why??

I toh wont even start on the food aspect...varna I'll be here the whole day!!!!!
Winters are the best time.....coz for one..your not sweating like pig......

but now they're going....and Ive caught a cold....so sad :(
But now I have to part with this beautiful season only to wait for it next year...sob sob.....

Until then......I'm happy that atleast SUMMERS ARE BACK!!! AND trust me he gets HOTTER by the year (Talk about self obsession!!!) lol

Saturday, February 16, 2008

There is more to love.............

Theres a love beyond love...
Its more than passion or trust
Its beyond respect and inspiration

Theres a love beyond love....
Sacrificing everything that made you
Without batting an eye lid
You don't know why..
You never cared to ponder

This love blinds..
If in darkness we find bliss..
And in bliss we find our life..
In life we find our salvation..
This love is more...
more than mere attraction..
Theres more to this love than love

This love binds
Binds you in the shackles on hope.
Hope, with which we live on
Hope, with which we battle poignancy
Hope, with which we cheat eternal silence

This love kills
If killing means
ridding your mind of suspicion
and evils that plague your mind

There is more to this love
than mere words
Where the lexicon limits us
Where imagination pulls us back
Where our people stop us..

There is more to love than instinct
There is more to this love....

Friday, February 15, 2008

Kya hai locha?

Arre bhai locha kya hai?
Gajab khodpi kahaan gayi?
Fultoo timepass kar raha hai
Dimaag ki waat laga di
holi se pehle naha liya...
yeh kya kar daala?
ghor apmaan....

taking a bath!!!
ufff......So over rated!!
If you take one...no one gives a rats ass
If you dont!!!

That too with cold water...
What wrong have I ever done to you?
Please give me an incentive....
Mann saaf rakho...
Itni materialistic cheezon mein time wastage...
Focus on more important topics...
World peace..
But oh no no no no....

Prey, tell me
Why was a Deo invented?
ha ha ha ha
another one of my rhetorical questions....
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Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Sorry" - the hardest thing to say

"Sorry", the toughest thing I've done
Accepting your imperfections
Diluting your arrogance
Looking someone in the eye
when you mean it with all your heart
and they just don't care

Yes, you deserved what you did,
How could you do that?
There's nothing left to justify.....

Cowards fled,
weak hearted fail,
Fortitude at its best
when you don't expect a reply
when you wish you got one...

Its finally over,
men appreciate me
so do women
the stone pouncing on your heart
melts away...

A good nights sleep
seems so worth it
I've been forgiven.....

"Falling" in love?

It was 14th of February and I could really feel the love in the air. As I was walking through the Kamla Nagar market, adjacent to the North Campus of the Delhi University, I could see the excitement buzzing through the people there. The shops were stocked with cards, chocolates and presents. Even vendors were roaming on the streets selling red roses and heart shaped balloons.

In the midst of all this, I noticed a lot of hustle bustle ahead. The police had placed barricades on the road, news channels were flooding the market and there were some people distributing pamphlets. I realized that the Shiv Sena was staging a protest against the Valentine’s Day celebration in the Delhi University. I wasn’t appalled by the fact that they were staging a protest because they do that every year. I was perturbed by what was written on that pamphlet and the orthodox ideas the Shiv Sena intended to voice.

The pamphlet, for one, had the photographs of Bal Thakeray, Udhav Thakeray and Jaibhagwaan Goyal along with their party symbol. I couldn’t stop myself from believing that this was nothing but a political stunt. ‘VALENTINE’S DAY’ was written below these photographs followed by a statutory warning, ‘ATTENTION’, to add to the affect and make their point clearer, there were roses printed with cross signs over them. They claimed this day to be against the Indian ethos and that it celebrated “vulgarity and violence”, something which I couldn’t digest. I do agree that the Valentine’s Day has become a marketing gimmick and that you don’t need these expensive gifts to put your love across to your beloved. I also agree that it does bring along with it, a little sense of vulgarity, but at the heart of it, it is still a day to tell your loved ones that you care for them.

The Shiv Sena had also written in the pamphlet that this day is nothing but a conspiracy against the youth, forcing them to deviate from their “path”, and that we, men, were degrading the women and their position in the society by giving them gifts and also that such days gave rise to incidents of rape and sexual harassment.

They also proclaimed that festivals like Diwali, Holi, Karva Chauth, 15th August and Basant Panchami were sufficient enough to celebrate love and they didn’t need such western influences distorting our society.

They, in their own “good” ways, were trying to protect people from becoming “victims” of the western culture and were concerned that such immoral celebrations would corrupt the youth and compel them to part ways with their values and traditions. They wanted the youth to understand the difference between “traditional Indian values” and “western promiscuity”.

If the Shiv Sena does feel that we are “degrading” women by presenting them with gifts, then can someone go and ask them what they are doing about the issues of child marriage, sati, dowry and other such ill practices that plague our society today?

Are the traditions and values we inherit, so fragile that this so-called “western culture” will destroy it? Either the Shiv Sena is too paranoid or they don’t hold their values in high esteem and are very insecure about it. We should not forget as to how India got her rich heritage and values that she is known for. She has always been a country who has given shelter to all religions, cultures and thoughts. A country who has always imbibed values from “foreign” influences and has made her customs stronger. Right from the Aryans, followed by The Mauryas, The Guptas, Chalukyas, Cholas, the Pallavas and the Pandyas to the Mughals and then the British, India has never had a history of being orthodox in adopting various cultures. If India has stood the test of times for centuries, why does the Shiv Sena deem it to be so vulnerable? Who is Bal Thakarey to decide what is good for our culture and what is not?

People in this country are mature enough to understand their customs and values. The Shiv Sena should also realize that with changing times, the society evolves and values evolve with it. The true meaning of the values doesn’t change, what changes is the way people interpret them. This is essentially how the youth can comes to terms with the past. If the Shiv Sena cares so much for our country, then they should rather invest their time in problems which are more important than these. What do values mean to a poor person who can’t get two square meals a day? There are a number of social evils prevalent in India which need urgent attention rather than fighting for petty issues like these.

It would only help if the Shiv Sena saw it from a different perspective. They could rise above the trivial meaning of this celebration and use it as a platform to spread love between not only the two sexes, but also religions, castes and countries; and take it to another level altogether. As it is said, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Saturday, February 9, 2008


That did hit below the belt...

Is it really worth it?

When you wanted it so badly,
where the peril of life seemed convincing
From dawn to dusk, it would never let you go
Because you didn't want it to
Something inside you hinted
that sweat and blood is not enough
relinquishing your soul, eases the mind

Passion cannot be taught
It can only be experienced
when you know
what you are
what you believe in
Standing up for yourself
Battling this bad bad world
Where compassion has to meet its fate

No time to turn around
Not even to see what you've left behind
You know its there
you can taste its smell
feel its voice
breath its music

Alas! It has come
its so close
what you've dreamt of
your salvation
Your time has come.

You've crossed the finish line
won the race...but lost your mind
Was it worth it after all?
You've left behind more than you think
You've lost more than you
At the alter of you
I have sacrificed me

Its lonely at the top....
it really is....

Being so close, yet so far
Sharing that agony
I'd rather be close, yet so far
To share it

In this world of deceit and hunger
Can you see yourself in the mirror?
An eye for an eye......
If so, then you're second...
But trust me
You'll be a much happier man....
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Friday, February 8, 2008

Are you serious?

oh boss.....
Are you serious?
That is so killer....
Sahi Beta...
Don't tell me?
when, what, why, where?
Listen na.....
Funky Stuff...
Gajab Khopdi
All that jazz....
Sexy shit..
Same Difference...
Kya yaar.....
Please tell na....
Acha listen
Dont trouble..
you're lying....
Just can't believe it!!
Are you really serious?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Its Funny.....

Its funny......

when the lights go out
when you shiver in the dark......alone
when something lost......cannot be found
when you forget what you were searching for.....
when the only way out is ..........
when your worst friends are your best enemies
when lovers don't know why they're together...
when you get cold feet on a hot sunny day

when you feel someone's standing behind you
when there's no one to look out for you
when the candles are blown out
when you're a step closer to the inevitable
when the last train is missed

when you get everything you wanted..
when its just not enough
when a map misguides you...
when understanding is better than helping
when seeing is not believing and trusting isn't enough

when dirty games plague your mind
when lying is a crime
when standing makes you dizzy
when sitting makes you feel left out

when voices within fade away
when loneliness has some tea with you
when questions come back a full circle
when answers are not something you were ready for....

That hollow feeling.....eating you up inside...
day and night....

what was I thinking?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


With a sudden wake in conscience, Amrita Bahri, the president of DUSU, has decided to launch an anti-smoking campaign in the North Campus area of the Delhi University. Just a few days ago, in their efforts to push for a “tobacco free campus”, the police along with some student volunteers commenced a drive banning smoking in campus. They tried to tackle this issue by penalizing students who were caught in the “act”. However, the complete ban will be effective from 15th February, following which, the students will not be allowed to smoke in the North Campus area and any sale of tobacco products within 100 meters will be prohibited. With the Vice Chancellor of DU, Deepak Pental and the Delhi police supporting this campaign, students will have no place to turn to.

Although, Amrita Bahri has been extremely kind and considerate, according to the reports, she has given students precisely 15 days to “voluntarily give up” their habit.

I will now to come to the point that I am trying to make. The fact is that I do not smoke, and being perturbed with this decision, it may seem a bit astonishing, but I urge my readers to understand the logic behind, which has made me reach this conclusion. North Campus area of the DU is definitely a paradise for smokers with the number of non-smokers being in minority. So putting a ban in place makes sense, right? I beg to differ.

One should understand the fact that cigarettes are an inelastic commodity (this means that their consumption does not change much with a large change in its prices). Students cannot suddenly discontinue this habit at the drop of a hat. A ban in place will give way to a black market or should I say hideouts, where sale and consumption of tobacco products will take place. This is because I feel that students will not accept the ban. So what DUSU has actually done is that they have given the Police a reason to harass students unnecessarily.

Rather than imposing bans, the DUSU should educate students about the ill effects of smoking, employ counsellors and put up banners and posters for the same gradually driving out this habit amongst the students. A very steady process should be adopted which can discourage students from smoking thereby reducing the overall demand for these products. Looking at the reaction of the students, one can clearly infer that this campaign is going to fail for the simple reason that penalizing and forcing students is not a way out. Convincing students on moralistic grounds would have made more sense instead of taking the easier way out by banning smoking.

Making haste decisions on such topics is not wise; however it is indeed something that Amrita Bahri seems to have mastered in the past few months. I don’t have a problem with the idea of a non smoking campus per se; I have a problem with its implementation. It’s really sad to see such a good cause being executed in such an appalling way that it defeats its own purpose. I don’t really think Amrita Bahri has taken note of the rebellious nature of the youth before taking such a decision.

One may also wonder why Congress-backed NSUI is making such a huge deal about this anti-smoking campaign, when some members of the Congress strongly opposed the Union Health Minister, Anbumani Ramadoss’ decision to print skulls on cigarette packets just a few months ago. No wonder, working in contradictions is the “only thing” NSUI is good at.

This campaign, too, seems politically motivated and there is no denying the fact that it has brought NSUI a lot of publicity in the past few days, but they shouldn’t forget that these are the very students who will vote and elect the Students Union next year. So why does this decision taken by Amrita Bahri looks as if it is one step ahead but actually two steps behind?

Sunday, February 3, 2008


Before I start writing this piece, I must confess that I am extremely nervous treading into “dangerous” territories. But I must agree that I just can’t stop myself from writing on such topics and would therefore have to take the risk of reducing the number of “fans” that I have, if any. Talking about this “sensitive” issue is no less than opening a Pandora’s Box, where so many controversies just overshadow simple and basic facts.

It so happened that the other day, I was traveling in a DTC bus which stopped at a bus stand and there I saw a lady enter the bus. I instantly got up and offered my seat to her. She smiled to me as she graciously took the seat. My chest swelled up at the thought of me being so chivalrous.

However, on another day, I was forced to vacate a seat because I was sitting in the Women’s Section of the bus. This was where my confusion started. Firstly, I didn’t know whether it was chivalry, because chivalry means men having a courteous behaviour towards women which is not forced upon, but is more like a sign of showing respect. I definitely respected her right to that seat but I am not sure if I had the same level of respect for that lady after that incident.

Which brings me to my second point, if it wasn’t chivalry, then was it feminism? Before I build up on my discussion (or confusion), I would want to delve into the meaning of the term “feminism.” (For my sake or the reader’s). Put very simply it is the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men. This means that women should be treated equally to men in all aspects of life.

Which makes me even more confused because when that lady demanded for that seat, did she already assume that she was the “weaker sex” and thus needed that “reservation”? If she were a feminist (which all women are!!), then she would have believed in the “equal rights theory” and wouldn’t have demanded that seat because she is also respecting my right to that seat. So what feminism has actually done here is that it has not only proclaimed women as the “weaker sex” but has also killed that sense of chivalry in me, because it was imposed. (or maybe she just wanted the seat because it was reserved and she had an opportunity to it, and that I’m just overanalyzing the whole situation because I have nothing better to do).

When Chivalry becomes compulsory because of feminism, the entire notion of the former dies out. While some feminists believe that chivalry is a part of feminism, because you can’t uphold their rights without showing respect to them first. I believe that it is a bit ironical because it is forced upon. As I said earlier, you can force me to respect her rights, but through this act you can’t force me to respect her. So isn’t the entire concept of feminism a bit flawed? Having made this statement, I believe I have placed my life in jeopardy.

If I take a very different stand now, it seems our “attempts” to be chivalrous can be interpreted as attempts to assert superiority and return women to an inferior position in our polity, which again goes against the entire notion of feminism. To offer acts of chivalry, men must consider women to be a "weaker sex", at least this is what a few women think.

Coming back to my confusion, are chivalry and feminism mutually exclusive or is chivalry a subset of feminism? Even after putting so much thought into it, staring at this computer for nearly two hours collecting facts, I fail to come up with a universal answer.

Some women find it nice to have the car door opened for them, some are offended by it, and some expect it.

Having said all this, I would want to make another statement – I am a feminist. After reading this some people might think that I’m either really confused or this is a dire attempt to save my life which I earlier placed in jeopardy. However, I’m a feminist who believes that women should get equal rights in a society, which they haven’t received in the past. Who believes that because of the existing structure in society even if women need certain reservations, it is justified. What I don’t believe in is women degrading men and taking advantage of situations in the name of feminism.

What each and every man or woman needs to do is search for the true meaning of feminism and not follow a warped sense of it. Where respect comes not from fear, but from the heart, where the rights of a woman are upheld without compromising the rights of a man.

I personally feel that these offers of courtesy should not be seen as degrading and that gender equality should have no influence on our use of common courtesy. Chivalry is not in direct conflict with woman's equality as long as equality represents equal opportunities and not physical equivalency. If reservations are required to provide equal opportunities to women, then so be it. But would accepting this “help” mean that women are inferior to men? This brings us back to where we started.

But even in the midst of all this confusion, I will still be that chivalrous boy that my parents brought up. I will still open a door, vacate a seat, help with a ladies luggage, pay for the first date (only the first one mind you!!), stand up when a lady enters a room, irrespective of what the other sex thinks of it. Chivalry is definitely not dead, but it’s hidden somewhere in the middle of all these controversies. In the end I have to say that I cannot rest my case. I want to, but cannot.