Friday, May 28, 2010

The teary eyed Smile.

And we cried.
we cried. And we laughed.
and we threw our heads back and laughed.
We smiled and filled our empty arms.
We sang.
We sang our hearts out. Only
To numb the pain. And we Sang. And
We smiled. And we cried.

And we left. With that teary eyed smile.

Still laughing.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

For to From.

Hide it away in the palm of your hands, tucked behind your back. Clenched so tight, that it stumbles away. Or on that bookshelf, slipped between the yellow pages where the dust settles, and stays. Maybe in that cookie jar, perched up in that corner, where shadows dusk the prying eyes. In the pockets of your old coat or behind that painting hung. Dig up a den, under that ageing tree, where you would once sit and dream. X marks the spot for you. Fancy the thought of setting it up in flames, and watch it vanish.

Concealed from affairs and masked from scents. Under the darkness, eclipsed from you. Let it know you completely, more than you do. And then just bury it, salted away.   

away from them
closer to you