Saturday, April 24, 2010


We are all lost
in our bleeding confessions
shrouded and draped away.
Bluffing our triviality
behind those majestic walls.
Erected tall and mighty
with wondrous schemes
and delicate art work.

Concealed behind our mask
is a face we wish not to see.
Painted with vibrant colour.
The lips, eyes and cheeks.

Mirrors moulded from pretense
speak to kins cast from dirt,
and Humour those juggernaut walls
in which we trap the mind.

The words are refined
yet the talk is cheap
Our posture straightened
our mind crooked.

Its a masquerade, after all.
a feast of facade
and all are game.

We are all lost
in the labyrinth
engineered for us
keeping at bay
the verity that plagues us.

The sides of seduction

Her sides of seduction
A whirl of trance

A finger pricked
and a drop of blood
A glass of wine
with lips so tender

A single rose
A red dress
Black stilettos
and her Grey silhouette

The sides of seduction
with desire turned to ash
The pain of pleasure
and the eyes of flames

The thirst she commands
subtle, so subtle
inebriated by it all

The progression of lust
and the inhibition of sins
A drop of blood
a scar for eternity.

Now and then

Now and then
You walk in open fields
with the sun shining down on you
and the breeze carrying you away.

Now and then
you play with that lady bug
and let it walk all over your hands
only to fly away

Now and then
you lie in those sprawling fields
between the green grass
and red tulips
and the wild white flowers

Now and then
you break away and listen
to the chirping birds
rustling leaves
and your beating heart.
The harmonies in their being.

Now and then
to connect all the missing dots

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Inappropriate tendencies

Her eyes narrowed in.
She adjusted her glasses.
Crossed her legs.
Placed her manicured fingers
with her racy red nail polish
on her lips and tapped them.

Her tapping fingers shaped a beat
which grew faster
as her mind concocted.

The beat stopped.
the brow rose
a smile emerged.

It was arranged.
She wanted revenge.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Over the Phone

Somewhere in the same Universe
lightening will strike twice
Birds will sit in the front row
and the ships will anchor mid sea

The Pot of gold will have an epiphany
as the light of the rainbow will breathe
brush strokes of life, where the stars align

Corners of circles will square the spreading fire in
the tinsel of the stars will be set in stones
and restrain will drop all arms, unconsciously.

Jumping off the rhapsody of this sunset
will be our leap of faith
into the drizzle of chaos

You and I will splash into that puddle
that drips from the thundering skies
in that alternate universe
where lightening strikes twice

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Picture Perfect

Draw with me
with colourful chaos.
don't bother about the details
we'll create our own story

the blush of spring,
the silence of this night,
sketch out anything we please
from dusk to the first morning light

a few daunting hues
or those settling blues
my deepest desire
or your frown with that ire

Draw that poem
and rhyme it with life
or shoes, or trees
whichever you like.

Draw with your mind
or with your toes.
Leave people wondering
where it goes

These pages strewn all over
will speak of our time
our illusions, our thoughts,
and our impressive crimes

everywhere i go i see
a world designed for you and me
So hop on along
and draw with me